Helpful Hints for Planning your Visit from Santa.

There’s nothing more exciting for children than seeing Santa walk through there door.    Here are just a few suggestions for making your visit go well.

1.  Be prepared, have any gifts that are to be distributed the night of the event, placed in a black trash bag and a pre- disclosed location for Santa to find outside of your home.

2.  Secure all pets for during the time of the visit.   For health and safety reasons, Santa can not be photographed with family pets.   (However, many animal shelters and veterinary offices offer that service.)

3.  Clear the pathway to the location that you will be hosting Santa in.    We all have extra extension cords and other items sitting around this time of year, so take a look at your halls and entryways with fresh eyes.

4.   Provide a sturdy chairs without arms for Santa and Mrs. Claus.   Chairs without arms allow apprehensive children to stand near Santa and make it easier to arrange people for group photographs.

5.  Allow a 20 minute window for Santa’s arrival.   Snowy weather, heavy traffic and other unforeseen issues do arise from time to time and are sometimes out of our control.    We do make every effort to be on time and will make reasonable attempts to contact you by text or phone if we are experiencing a delay.

6.  Turn down the thermostat…..Santa’s not used to warm Ohio winters.  A cooler (but not cold) room will help everyone be more comfortable and provide you with the best photo opportunities.

7.  Please do not hand Santa checks or cash.    Simply place your payment in an envelope or card and wish Santa and Mrs. Claus a Merry Christmas.

8.  Be prepared to have fun.   Santa and Mrs. Claus make every attempt to make sure that everyone has a good time and we hope that includes you too.